Making destinations come alive. 
Through the use of aerial video, and gimbal stabilizers the images flow. Motion oriented, cinematic in our approach, the result is stunning footage which tells a story that is alive, a living place.

Venice at dusk in the fog​​

Whether Floating above the canals of Venice, filming aboard an Open 60 racing sailboat or drifting in a hot air balloon above the Valley of the Kings, LivingPlaces will communicate the message you want to share with your audiance in a uniquely visual way.

  1. Newport RI Christmas at Bannister's Wharf.
  2. Hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings, Egypt.
  3. The finish of the Volvo race around the World
  4. Newport Moments
  5. New Bedford still fishing!
Producer Bill Fitzgerald 
'Editing video is like making a meal, you cut and dice, add flavors and "Voila", you have something satisfying.

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